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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essentially tweaking your website so that it comes up naturally or organically for search results in Google, Yahoo Bing or any other search engine.Google updates its algorithms regularly so that only the relevant results come up. From that perspective, many experts say that SEO is dead and the effort is futile. However, the truth is that Google tries to prevent algorithm manipulation and filters sites that don’t deserve to be on the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).So there is no doubt you should invest in SEO work. Your website should address the technicalities related to content and query matching, spidering,indexing, and interpreting non-text content.Remember, it is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that will bring organic traffic to your business.

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Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the comprehensive strategy to drive traffic to your business, primarily through paid efforts. Hence it is also called Paid Search Marketing.The universe of SEM is diverse and complicated.Based on your business structure, you may choose PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click) model, or CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) model.There are different platforms for SEM. By far, Google AdWords (on Google Network) and Bing Ads (on Yahoo Bing Network) are the most popular.SEM also includes Display Advertising, Search Retargeting & Site Remarketing, Mobile Marketing and Paid Social Advertising.You may choose a single-point strategy like PPC, or go for a complete SEM strategy,including Display and Retargeting.But whatever you do, make sure your work is managed by experts as wrong planning may make your costs go haywire.

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Content Creation & Corporate Events

Research shows that content creation is a definitive method of marketing in 2014.All recent changes to Google’s algorithm - be it Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird - point to the fact that content is the most important metric while filtering search results.Content can be presented in different formats, including blogs, white papers, e-books, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles, forums, news and updates, images, banners, infographics, podcasts, webinars, videos, or content for microblogging and social media sites.You can be creative and create content on any topic and then skillfully link it indirectly to your business. You may like to read our article on how to include content and market your startup or business free of cost.Also, you need to customise your content for different platforms. For example, the content for mobile phones should be crisp and short.Remember, an effective strategy will engage your readers and leave them interested in more information from you. Good content is shared and is the best way for branding your business.Event marketing is the process of developing a themed exhibit, display, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization leveraging in-person engagement. Events can occur online or offline, and can be participated in, hosted, or sponsored.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing or SMM is an offshoot of your SEM efforts. It involves driving traffic to your sites or business through social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, etc. As we mentioned above, good content is shared and liked.So create and customize content for different social media platforms. Remember to be prolific and original; you need to engage with users on a daily basis, at least four to five times a day. Your SMM efforts can be especially helpful for branding and driving sales.


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Brand Activations

A brand activation is any campaign, event, or experience that enables your brand to engage directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around your product or service. Activations, often inclusive and interactive, ignite the fire that will light the way for people to find your product and align with your purpose.

Brand activations are about coming to your audience and letting them know in a memorable way who you are and why they should support you. Ideally, it generates enthusiasm beyond the moment and leads to action on behalf of your consumers. It’s a matter of reaching the right audience in the right moment in a way that speaks to them.


Film promotion is the practice of promotion specifically in the film industry, and usually occurs in coordination with the process of film distribution. Sometimes called the press junket or film junket, film promotion generally includes press releases, advertising campaigns, merchandising, franchising and media, and interviews with the key people with the making of the film, like actors and directors.

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